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For Parents

We’re so excited to meet your daughter and welcome her to the fraternity/sorority community! Please take a few moments to explore our website and learn more about our local chapter, as well as our international organization. Inspired by the vision and values defined by our 11 Founders, Alpha Gamma Delta challenges members to lead lives of significance that positively impact their communities.

Here are some frequently asked questions we receive from parents of new members and potential new members:

Q: Why should my daughter join Alpha Gamma Delta?

A: Women join sororities for different reasons, but all of us are bound by common values and ideals—friendship, service, scholarship, personal development and leadership. Being an Alpha Gam is a special experience that offers college women opportunities to develop and grow personally while meeting a group of lifelong friends. In addition, membership offers a network support that can be beneficial when living far from home or in a large university environment—and well beyond the collegiate years. With nearly 200,000 members, Alpha Gams can be found all over the world, in your hometown and right here at our own alma mater.

Q: Does Alpha Gamma Delta haze?

A: Alpha Gamma Delta has a zero-tolerance policy towards hazing of any kind.

Q: How much does it cost to join Alpha Gamma Delta?

A: Our dues and fees are structured to align with our campus norms. For more detailed cost information, please contact our Vice President–Finance, listed under Chapter Officers.

Q: My daughter was asked to join Alpha Gam. What comes next?

A: Immediately after joining, your daughter will begin her new member period. During this time, she will attend weekly meetings with other new members, make new friendships and learn about Alpha Gam’s history and values.

Once initiated, your daughter will enjoy the lifelong benefits and responsibilities of membership. After college, she’ll become an alumna member of Delta Gamma. A member is an alumna far longer than she is a collegian. Alumnae share pride, love and respect for their Delta Gamma memberships even decades after leaving college!

With nearly 200,000 members, Alpha Gams can be found all over the world, in your hometown and right here at our own alma mater.

Q: How much time will my daughter have to commit to Alpha Gamma Delta?

A: Our chapters are asked to have meetings at the same time every week, alternating between business and programming. We encourage our chapters to make the most of their time together and combine activities where possible, rather than adding to the calendar. In addition to chapter meetings, your daughter can expect to participate in philanthropic events, community service and other campus activities.

Q: What is my role as an Alpha Gam Parent?

A; Support daughter’s decision to join by learning more about us! Whether you’re already familiar with fraternity/sorority life or it’s all new to you, please know you also have a place at Alpha Gamma Delta. There are many opportunities for you to share in this aspect of your daughter’s life.




Dear Parents and Guardians,


As Chapter Advisor of the Ohio State Chapter of Alpha Gamma Delta, I want to extend my own personal welcome to you into the extended Alpha Gam family. Alpha Gamma Delta was founded in 1904 by 11 young women. These women had needs of friendship, purpose, and support for personal growth. While many things have changed since 1904, these basic needs still exist for college women today, especially now that women have so many more choices and decisions to make in their lives.


Those of us who are already members of Alpha Gamma Delta have found that the organization fills these needs, and offers so many more opportunities that compliment a formal education. These include development of communication skills, self-government techniques, goal setting, time management, group dynamics, personal development, and leadership development. Of course, Alpha Gamma Delta believes in developing all of these skills in an atmosphere that supports scholastic excellence. Statistics show that fraternity women have the highest grade point average on campus when compared with fraternity men and unaffiliated men and women. All of these characteristics are essential in the development of a well-rounded woman.

If you would like to learn more about the history of our organization and current work, I encourage you to visit our webpage at www.alphagammadelta.org. I hope you will read this material and take note of our Alpha Gamma Delta Purpose. It was the basis of our founding and today is still the basis of our programs and activities.


I believe that Alpha Gamma Delta provides not only the above mentioned leadership opportunities, but also a sense of purpose, personal growth, and friendship. I hope that throughout your daughter’s college years we will have the opportunity to meet on several occasions. If you have any questions regarding Alpha Gamma Delta, or our new member program in particular, please do not hesitate to call or be in touch.


I had a wonderful experience in Alpha Gamma Delta as a college student and continue to have a great experience as an advisor to the organization. I believe that your daughter will have a similarly meaningful experience in our organization.




Melissa Pope

Chapter Advisor, Alpha Lambda Chapter, Alpha Gamma Delta