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Chapter Officers

Katie Gordon

officer Katie Gordon

Chapter President

Katie is a 3rd year marketing major from Aurora, OH

Keirsten Marion

officer Keirsten Marion

Vice President of Chapter Wellness

Keirsten is a 2nd year biology major on a premed track from Lancaster, OH

Brielle Robinson

officer Brielle Robinson

Director of Sisterhood

Brielle is a 2nd year psychology major from Cincinnati, OH

Melina Seng

officer Melina Seng

Vice President of Academic Excellence

Justine Nardone

officer Justine Nardone

Director of Academic Enrichment

Maya Kilani

officer Maya Kilani

Director of Academic Achievement

Maya is a 3rd year studying math and finance from Cleveland, OH

Harleigh Snyder

officer Harleigh Snyder

Vice President of Recruitment

Harleigh is a 2nd year marketing major from Toledo, OH

Jade Smith

officer Jade Smith

Assistant Director of Recruitment

Jade is a 2nd year studying zoology from Findlay, OH

Emily Flecker

officer Emily Flecker

Director of Membership

Carla Hamsher

officer Carla Hamsher

Director of COB

Miranda Mottice

officer Miranda Mottice

Vice President of Finance

Miranda is a 2nd year finance major from Key West, FL

Melissa Krejci

officer Melissa Krejci

Assistant Director of Finance

Olivia Diruzza

officer Olivia Diruzza

Director of Property

Ellee Allison

officer Ellee Allison

Director of Communications

Ellee is a second year neuroscience major from Mason, OH

Kelly Ruane

officer Kelly Ruane

Director of Chapter History

Hannah Jones

officer Hannah Jones

Director of Excuse Notes

Emily Erickson

officer Emily Erickson

Director of Sophomore Experience

Courtnie Stetz

officer Courtnie Stetz

Director of Junior Experience

Courtnie is a 3rd year nursing major from Akron, OH

Mallory Morton

officer Mallory Morton

Director of Senior Experience

Mallory is a 3rd year finance major from Defiance, OH

Taylor Brady

officer Taylor Brady

Director of New Member Programs

Emma Wilking

officer Emma Wilking

Director of New Member Engagement

Julianna Barker

officer Julianna Barker

Vice President of Event Planning

Beth Ann Powers

officer Beth Ann Powers

Director of Special Events

Beth Ann is a second year political science from Dayton, OH

Zoe King

officer Zoe King

Director of Social Events

Bri Heverin

officer Bri Heverin

Director of Social Media

Bri is a second year psychology major from Cincinnati, OH

Lisa Brueggemeier

officer Lisa Brueggemeier

Director of Merchandising

Lisa is a 2nd year environmental engineering major Cincinnati, OH

Kaylee Drerup

officer Kaylee Drerup

Vice President Campus Relations

Kaylee is a 2nd year studying speech and hearing sciences from Powell, OH

Christina Murgiano

officer Christina Murgiano

Director of Activities

Christy is a 2nd year accounting major from Cleveland, OH

Abbie Hammond

officer Abbie Hammond

Director of Leadership

Sukhleen Kaur

officer Sukhleen Kaur

Vice President of Philanthropy

Meg Gartland

officer Meg Gartland

Director of Community Service

Sophie Bishop

officer Sophie Bishop

Director of Community Engagement

Tara Salmans

officer Tara Salmans

Standards of Excellence Coordinator

Sophia DiSario

officer Sophia DiSario

Banner Chair